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Looks very interesting!

I just realized the ruis were actually social media brands. lol


you got a new follower.


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Used to play this alot back when I was younger.

I enjoyed it much better than some points of the real game, as in the full game you have to collect all emeralds with EACH and EVERY individual character to unlock another to get in super sonic, let alone the special rings to do the special stages....

Sorry for rambling, but that crap was annoying, surprised I actually beat it. lol

Anyways, Ultimate Flash Sonic is my childhood... Or my teenhood, more likely. lol

this is pretty fun!

I made it in 12th place

Like DarkinRed said, feel free to use any tracks of mine :)

I really like these!

Pretty cool you added Poison in it! =D

EroPharaoh responds:

Thanks! Poison works perfectly with the futa/strap-on options - it was the commission guy's idea though! :D

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Pretty good stuff here. Not my usual cup of tea, but I think you two did a great job on this. :)

P.S. SabreWulf is my favorite character in Killer Instinct. lol

I was strongly thinking Sonic when it first came on, but as I heard the rest of the song, I realized that it IS sonic!

Great cover

The intro really reminded me of "Nights into Dreams", afterwards, it just went into something like looking up at the skies in a field (to me that is. lol)

pretty awesome

I know it's for the trance genre, but I thought the buzzing sounds at the 3:00 mark was a bit off

Other than that, this is pretty sweet!

IoTheEternal responds:

it sounds better in the non-nightcore version - nightcoring a song does some weird effects to things I will admit..

thanks for the review! :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-

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very detailed!
Love the style here

Kotandraws responds:

Thanks! :D

I would love to see her in more crossovers, but Morrigan always takes the spotlight. lol

"Dear Mom,

I made a boy cum and I think I like it. I stuck my tounge out and none of his white stuff landed on it. shame on me. XP

For what it's worth, your sex advice helped a lot.

Thanks, Mom!"

Joke aside, nice art style you got going here!

Underrated composer ( with a little bit of artwork here and there) trying to be noticed by the world.

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