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Streets of Rage 2- Sonia Mod

Posted by NGKFlower - March 26th, 2019

So I've been working on this Sor 2 hack of mine that involves playing with Sonia The Hedgehog. I was able to finish it last year and did some tweaks on it several times, so there are a total of 3-4 versions. v4 being the latest one.

I've been wanting to share it with everyone, since I did the animations are all hand-drawn by me.

On a note, The Sonia Sprites ARE pink, but however SOR2 has their own color scheme to follow, so she ended up turning blue, which was a shock to me, as it was my first time trying this thing. Because of it I just gave her a story as in why she's blue below with links. I will try to upload the original pink sprites a website sometime.

I want to keep doing stuff like this, so maybe I'll be able to make an original game of my own one day, like MarkeyJester did with "Spark the Electric Jester". He started off somewhere and made something out of it. If you really enjoy it, all I ask is a little support through paypal. It can be just a dollar. Who knows, with enough support, I may be able to do some commissions. :)

Please give it a try, if you enjoy it, any type of support from you would be great. Link can be sound on Romhacking.com


"On her way to meet up with her brothers Sonic and Manic, a bunch of thugs were on the run from the cops and shoved her out of their way. As she fell she ended up landing in some blue dye; that’s gonna take a WHILE to clean off!! Filled with rage, she decided to track those thugs down and pay them back for ruining her beautiful quills."

This has been something I was working since 2016 and finally finished it. Her outfit is based on the Popular sonic hack; "S Factor: Sonia and Silver". Great hack by the way.

I've put it in a Lunar IPS file, so it will have to be patched using Lunar IPS.

Game download Link: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4491/

Song Link: https://soundcloud.com/sound-cup/sormp3

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I'm currently working on some Sally Acorn sprites for SOR2. Here's a sneak peek for what to expect. it's a bit glitchy around the ankle, but i've fixed it and got rid of her blinking as well, since it's not many frames for the idle stance. Working on some of the other sprites of her.




Comments (2)

Wow, you're good at drawing Sally!


She was my favorite character in the Archie comics. Now that she no longer exists in the Sonic World, I thought I'd do like a SOR tribute to a few Archie comic Sonic characters that stood out to me. Bunnie Rabbot is definitely on that list.

You don't have pay me through paypal if you don't want to, but even $1 would be great for some support. :)